Ceramic cups

The taste of the drink is in some way related to the vessel from which it is drunk. Beautiful, decorated ceramic cups will keep tea or coffee retaining their amazing aroma and rich taste. The products are unique because they are made by hand. They attract attention with the care of the patterns, vivid colors, and original appearance. You can buy a cup with a matching saucer - such a set will make an ordinary morning espresso take on a completely new dimension. Drinking a drink from such a cup will provide not only a taste sensation but also an aesthetic one. What's more, the variety of decorations makes it possible to choose a vessel that perfectly matches the taste of the owner or the style in which the apartment is arranged. Bolesławiec cups can be used as unusual decorations if they are placed in a glass cupboard or on a shelf in the kitchen. Bolesławiec dishes can also become a dreamlike, elegant gift. They will undoubtedly delight people of all ages.
Coffe cup with a saucer 300ml (A504 D10) Coffe cup with a saucer 300ml (A504 D10)
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Coffe cup with a saucer 300ml (A504 D33)   Coffe cup with a saucer 300ml (A504 D33)
Price: $22.58
Coffe cup with a saucer 300ml (A504 D36) Coffe cup with a saucer 300ml (A504 D36)
Price: $22.58

Ceramic cups - advantages

The cups from the manufacture in Bolesławiec have a number of advantages. In the beginning, it is worth mentioning the material from which they were made. Ceramics, also known as porcelite, is considered to be one of the best materials for making dishes. The production of ceramic dishes does not harm the environment, and no harmful chemical compounds are used in their production. The choice of Bolesławiec cups is therefore ecological, which is of particular importance at a time when so much is said about the need to protect the planet.

Ceramic cups from Bolesławiec are durable, resistant to high temperatures, and various chemicals. Therefore, they can be used in ovens, dishwashers, and microwave ovens. They do not react with very hot liquids, so they will not spoil the taste of the drink. In addition, they keep the temperature of the liquids well. They are usually slightly heavier than porcelain products, which gives them greater stability. There is no need to worry that the dish will fall off the table as a result of an accidental, gentle knocking, or it will wobble, and the drink will splash on the freshly washed tablecloth.

Bolesławiec cups - beautiful decorations

An unquestionable advantage of Bolesławiec cups is their unusual patterns. Each of them is handmade, so it is impossible to find two completely identical products. The decorations are precise, made with attention to every, even the smallest detail. Some themes, such as colorful flowers, look real while others are fanciful. It is worth noting that the paints used are of natural origin. They provide juicy, expressive colors that make Bolesławiec cups real works of art.

Such a captivating design makes the ceramic cups from Bolesławiec unique decorations. They will add splendor to every party and add a bit of elegance. They are definitely more sophisticated than everyday tableware. In addition, they are easy to keep clean, and due to their durability, you do not have to worry about the patterns fading or deteriorating.

Ceramics Bolesławiec cups - an exceptional gift

The unique Bolesławiec ceramic cups are a good gift idea. They will work both as a gift on the occasion of Mother's Day or Grandma's Day, as well as a birthday, name day, or holiday gift. A cup can also become a memento of an important event if it is presented on the occasion of an important anniversary or success. Selected in a thoughtful way, it will be an expression of warm feelings, it will bring a lot of joy to the recipient. Tasting a drink from such a cup will remind you of the person who gave the gift. The Bolesławiec cup will delight for many years.

Cups and saucers Bolesławiec - elegance every day

Bolesławiec cups and saucers are characterized by a subtle, effortless elegance. You can choose from many patterns and colors, matching the dishes to the type of celebration, your own taste, or the preferences of the person you want to make a nice gift. The unique products of Bolesławiec will make the moment with a cup of coffee or tea take on a magical dimension.

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