The production of Bolesławiec pottery is a multi-stage and time-consuming process.

It all starts with the extraction of a number of ingredients necessary to prepare the slip and plastic mass.

Local deposits of clays, kaolins and other ingredients enable us to use the best of them.

Polish pottery masses are made by grinding and mixing ingredients according to original recipes, the proportion and type of which is our strictly hidden family secret.

The natural origin and the diversity of the ingredients necessary for the production of ceramic masses and glazes requires us to continuously supervise the quality so that the final product shines, is durable and the depth of colors allows to satisfy our customers' tastes.



Products are cast or formed from noble and strong ceramic masses.

Here, it must be mentioned the use of plaster molds as a carrier of shapes and forms. These shapes - forms, which we call matrices, were created by a modeller who gives life to the lump of plaster. Carving, punching, shearing and smoothing, without these activities no vessel would be created.


Specially prepared matrices become "mothers" - and their children - working forms that have many days of contact with the slip and plastic mass in front of them, in accordance with their intended use.

The working forms are filled with the mass, the efficient hands of the founders extract from them still wet products - already known as "raw" vessels, which must wait in the company of other vessels until the water used to liquefy the masses disappears from them and are subjected to the first cleaning, using sponges and sharp scratchers, so that the final shape is slim and aesthetic.


The raw vessel turns into a bisque

The second stage is the transformation of the "raw" vessel into bisque - a vessel fired at a high temperature of 800 degrees Celsius, in special furnaces for a specific time, which we cannot write about, because this is our next secret.


Quality check and preparation of burnt dishes

We are almost halfway through the process, but still far from seeing a real work of art. Now we have to deal with quality control and the preparation of bisque fired dishes for decoration.

For this we use underglaze ceramic paints, cobalt, green, black, green, red, brown and color derivatives, the way of preparation of which is another secret, after all, a ceramic product is a vessel in which there are many little secrets, emotions, character and colors.


Pottery decorating

Decorating is a process when a pottery decorator - an artist, using brushes and stamps, applies paints to the dishes to create a pattern, in a specific, repeatable and yet unique way, because no vessel will be the same.

When the entire vessel is covered in the decoration, a truly unique bath awaits them, after which all previously applied patterns and colors will disappear in an incredible way, turning the dishes into creamy white, this is the magic of glazing.



Glazing takes place in a large glass bath, filled almost to the brim with a milky liquid.

The liquid substance spreads over the entire vessel by immersion, in order to become a glass coating that illuminates the entire product.


High temperature firing

The final stage, in which the final appearance of the product is changed and the stoneware of Bolesławiec becomes durable and shiny. The high firing temperature causes that the ceramic mass finally sinter, gains hardness and durability, the colors become saturated and the hard work of the previous processes is permanently fixed.


The last quality check and it's ready

The still warm ceramic products are handed over to the quality controller, where they are marked with the type. The finished product goes to the store shelf or to the carton to pack the order. And here the next adventure begins... a journey into the unknown... to your tables, the surrounding ones, the more distant and those behind the marks.

We are proud of our Bolesławiec pottery, thank you for enabling us to pursue our passion - the production of pottery, the ANDY Ceramika brand.

ANDY Ceramika
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