Ceramic vases

The tradition that has been created for years in our family factory in Bolesławiec is the most important element of the passion passed down from generation to generation. Among the many types of ceramic dishes and kitchen and decorative accessories, ceramic vases find a special place. The uniqueness, uniqueness, and timelessness of hand-made, world-famous ceramic dishes is the quintessence of admiration for products from Bolesławiec. Classic and beautiful ceramic vases will be used in every home, being both its amazing decoration and a practical element of the table decoration during many important celebrations or family dinners with loved ones. The high quality of the offered products will make them enjoy the eye for many years, often evoking the best memories. Wide design, colors, individuality, and uniqueness are the elements that will successfully match any interior, be it classic, country, or modern. Bolesławiec ceramics is a dream of many of us, you can make it come true.

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Bolesławiec - ceramics that you will not pass by indifferently

It has been made for centuries from natural stoneware clays located near Bolesławiec. The first ceramic vessels were made here in the Middle Ages, and to this day their artistic value is admired all over the world.

Production process and contact with food

The production process of ceramic dishes is very complex, but for the effect that is achieved, it is worth spending every precious moment. The clay from which the dishes are made is fired in a cream color, the dishes, thanks to the materials used, are safe and do not contain harmful substances, therefore they are safe in contact with food. You can easily use them at high temperatures (such as in the oven), and also wash them in the dishwasher without fear of possible damage. Therefore, the Bolesławiec ceramic vases will be the perfect choice for serving hot soups.

The dishes are painted by hand. Each copy is unique and unique. You will not find two identical dishes, which proves their originality. Outstanding designs in a wide range of colors follow the latest trends and customer expectations, without leaving behind the timeless classics that have been present in our family manufacture for years.

Ceramic vases from Bolesławiec - perfect for any occasion

Handcrafted ceramic vases from scratch are a unique decoration for any table. They are perfect for serving everyday dinners as well as during various important celebrations, such as Christmas Eve dinner or the wedding anniversary of beloved parents. Bolesławiec ceramics are characterized by a multitude of patterns and colors, thanks to which you can create beautiful tableware - not necessarily using the same design.

Ceramic vases, as well as other hand-made products from our manufacture, will also prove to be the perfect gift, giving a substitute for elegance and luxury, but at the same time evoking memories and carefree youth. The recipient will certainly appreciate the gesture and the unconventional choice of a gift that will evoke pleasant thoughts for many years and serve during everyday use or festive parties will remind of the person who was tempted to such a gift.

Bolesławiec ceramics as a work of art

Various designs, styles, and sizes of ceramic vases offered by our Bolesławiec manufacture are admired all over the world. Probably every hostess of her cozy nest dreams of at least one item of Bolesławiec tableware in her collection. The quality of workmanship and glazed surfaces of the products offered have a positive effect on the quality of meals because they do not allow deposits and various types of bacteria or microorganisms to remain on them. Ceramika Bolesławiecka is also characterized by the fact that none of the dishes has odor-absorbing properties, which is why meals eaten directly from ceramic dishes are definitely tastier.

Bolesławiec ceramic vases are an element of tableware that should be present in every home.

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